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Pickleball Central offers you a 5% discount when you use the code CRYakima at checkout. Pickleball Central is in Kent Washington and has a full online store.

Paddle Review

Try out the Onix Outbreak demo at Franklin Park, Pickleball Central sent this to us to try out. Look for it in the demo paddles box.

Review from Bob – This paddle is quite different from the Invicta that I play with. The Outbreak we have weighs in at 8.3oz. so it is fairly heavy and should be powerful but I found the soft surface to dampen that power somewhat. The Onix specifications state the paddle weight at 7.8 – 8.2 so this one is heavier than one you might get when you purchase. The soft surface makes for nice control on the soft game! My biggest complaint was the feel of the handle, you can feel the corners of the handle that I did not like. Some people may like that however since it provides feedback for the paddle angle.

I asked several other players to try it, those that use lightweight paddles felt the difference. Joe thought the soft surface took off too much power for him. John A. did not like the feel of the handle but did like the feel of the ball on a dink. We all agreed an overwrap would make the grip feel better.

Onix Outbreak

Review from Kelle – I play mostly with my Invicta 8.0 paddle but was excited to give this Onix a try just for fun!

Pros: Quiet and softer touch with the Dura 40 ball which gave me a little more control with less “popping” of balls off the paddle. I really like this attribute of the Outbreak.

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Selkirk is a great supporter of our club. Their donation of 20 paddles built up our demo box. Available at the Sporthaus or Pickleball Central.


The Sporthaus, here in Yakima, has a full assortment of pickleball gear, shoes and clothing for the courts. Go see them and thank Sig for the great job of painting the Franklin Park courts. Sporthaus carries Selkirk paddles, so if you like our demo’s go see them to get your new paddle. http://Sporthaususa.com