Welcome to Pickleball in Yakima

Your club needs you

We are ready for some new board members in 2023. Please see the Blog Post for more information

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Yakima Applefest Pickleball Tournament

We are planning to have Applefest again next year. We’re planning on more fun, and we are booking food trucks now! And we plan to have a 75+ bracket next year by popular request.

Club play at Franklin Park

We encourage everyone to use the free website called Playtime Scheduler where you will find planned play times and events. AND you can add your own play time looking for players to sign up. That could be for drills or play as you wish. This is not for scheduling a court – courts may not be reserved. But this helps us all to get together and to know when we might find people to play with. If you see a time you plan to attend, click on that event add your name.

When courts are full it is everyone’s responsibility to politely explain how court rotation works, at Franklin as well as about any other pickleball facility in the country. No camping out on a court, everyone gets to play one game and then relinquish the court and get back in line.


Check our list of other places to play here