Welcome to pickleball in Yakima

NEW! Club member Round Robin play

This evening, August 21st, we are going to try our first club organized Round Robin (RR) at 6:00pm and see how it goes! If you are a YPC club member we invite you to come give this a try! Depending on how many show up we will play 6 or 7 games each game lasting 10 minutes.  When the whistle blows we stop play and move to the next game on the sheet. So keep checking the sheet so you know where to go! We won’t keep track of scores for this event, its a trial run and geared for social play with as many different partners as there are players.

This is for intermediate players so you need to be able to serve, keep score (with help) and know most of the rules! If you are higher than 4.0 or lower than 3.0 you may not enjoy this first trial run,😂

Please arrive early, by 5:45 to sign up so we can get started at 6:00. In order for this to work as it should all players need to be signed by the 6:00 start time‼️ You will sign in on the RR sheet and be assigned a number which is next to your name and play 1 game with each player. We will have the format for up to 26/27 players MAX on 6 courts (leaving 2 courts for other play.) So, if you want to play be sure to get there early! It should be super fun to get lots of play with different players! If it’s a hit we will do it again and maybe have a preregistration sign up AND have some different days /evenings/levels! Whatever club members want!

Construction at Franklin Park is completed and the courts are available for public play. Yakima Pickleball Club organized play is scheduled each week:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday – 8:30am until noon (or so)
  • Monday thru Thursday evenings – 5:30 or so until dark

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Pickleball is the fastest growing sport out there and is super fun with a short learning curve for all ages! Come give it a try!