About our club

The Yakima Pickleball Club is a Washington State 501(c)7 not-for-profit club. The club was founded on May 20, 2019 by Bob and Kelle Guchee along with Joe Tanasse, Sheon Quaempts and Peter Choi.

The club was formed with two main objectives:

  1. To promote pickleball in our community, to share our love of the game with others.  This is done by working to develop more places to play, sharing information about playing and learning opportunities and helping new players learn the game.
  2. Organize playing opportunities.  One of the reasons pickleball growth is happening is that someone can just show up and play. 

Having a unified voice is a huge benefit in discussions with entities such as Parks and Recreation, Yakima Tennis Club, and others. We might not have the Franklin courts if we had not agreed to the formation of our club. Discussions may include getting investments made in new courts, improvements to existing courts, dedicated times for club play, tournament planning etc.

We really can’t do a lot of these things without a unified voice which requires a registered corporation.  The City Parks and Recreation manager made that clear to us when we began asking for courts.

It costs money to create and operate a club.  Nearly $600 has been spent and our budget, just for the basic requirements, is $800 per year.  Other funds from dues will be used to benefit all members which may include balls, clinics, treats or other items for enhancing play. No salaries or perks are paid to board members.

The club is organized as an IRS 501 (c)7 “not-for-profit” athletic club, this is not a charitable organization, which requires a 501 (c)3 designation.  The club has a Board of Directors and officers to help run the club and be accountable for funds.

Initial directors of the Yakima Pickleball Club are:

Bob Guchee – President

Kelle Guchee – Secretary

Sheon Quaempts – Treasurer

Phill Fossum – board member