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The main purpose of the Yakima Pickleball Club is to promote the sport in our community. Having a unified voice helps us to get new places to play and to organize tournaments. We also save funds from your dues to maintain the Franklin Parks courts. We plan to repaint the courts every 3-4 years and the paint alone costs $6,000.

But, there are other benefits to membership:

  • We will have reserved times at the Franklin Park courts for organized play. Club members and guests will all be invited to play in various fun formats.
  • Communications on times to play and other fun events
  • We hope to have at least one annual tournament and members receive a discount on registration and priority early registration time.
  • Invitation to camps and clinics, from beginner to advanced.
  • Discounts on pickleball gear from our sponsors.

Membership cost is only $30 per year

Use the link below to be connected to MemberPlanet which is our online membership application. Please read and accept the Liability Waiver before joining.

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Why is a membership dues required? The Yakima Pickleball Club is a 501(c)7 not-for-profit club and there are costs associated with that. There are costs associated with our website and communication software and we also will use any excess funds for organizing events such as clinics or social events and saving for court maintenance.