End of our first season . . .

Baby it’s cold outside. Cold doesn’t mean you have to quit playing pickleball. If you have the addiction, as most of us do, you’ll just need to move indoors. Options are available. These include the Yakima Tennis Club, YMCA at Chesterley, Yakima Athletic Club, West Valley Nazarene Church or you put your woollies on play outside as the Franklin Parks courts will stay open.

Speaking of indoor play, we are conducting a survey of all Yakima area pickleball players and potential players. We want to develop some market research to provide anyone interesting is adding or expanding indoor play opportunities. Watch for the survey coming soon.

We are planning to have a pickleball social at the Yakima Tennis Club on December 13. Watch for information coming soon.

We had a great first year for the Yakima Pickleball Club. We have 119 members and even with start-up costs and purchases we have saved $2,400. Remember, we are a non-profit club and nobody gets paid. We will will use some of the carryover for 2020 operations but will have a nice amount to save for court maintenance. We hope to repaint every 3-4 years (or sooner) and have an agreement with the city to pay 1/2 of the costs. Our MemberPlanet app will automatically send you renewal notices on your anniversary date. Please continue to support OUR club by renewing and inviting more people to play.

Want to get a new paddle or some balls for stocking stuffers? Check out the selection at The Sporthaus and remember to tell them your a member of the Yakima Pickleball Club for a 5% discount. You can also get a 5% discount for Pickleball Central by using the code “CRYakima” at checkout. And Selkirk.com has some great deals right now.

We hope to see you out on the courts somewhere soon. Happy Thanksgiving from your board members: Bob, Kelle, Sheon, Joe and Phill

Winter is coming

Are you hooked on pickleball yet? The Yakima Tennis Club is a great option, although somewhat limited time availability, they are a tennis club first, by charter, so we are happy to get what court time we can.

Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30- 3:00, Friday from 5:30 until beer time and Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8am – noon. For $40/month you should be able to make this a good deal. You can play for $12/day is you can only play occasionally! Membership is a 3-month commitment.

There may be an option for Monday and Wednesday mornings from 6am – 8am. Let me know if that would help you to join up. There is a shower available if you want to play before work.

Keep playing, you know you need it!

This is your club

What a joy it is to see so many people out playing. Your directors have worked hard and are continuing with many duties behind the scenes, developing by-laws, planning events and a tournament for next year etc. Facilities are pretty well done for now. We are working on plans for building shade structures at Franklin but that is for next year. We have the storage box onsite now with balls, demo paddles, a leaf blower, hoses and a water broom that are owned by all of us. We are looking for people to serve as Officers of the Day (OD) who will have access to the box and take responsibility to make sure it gets locked up again. Ask Bob, Kelle, Sheon or Joe and we’ll show you what you need to do and you’ll be helping out the club, it’s a pretty easy job.

In the news

We’re making a splash and growing the sport here in Yakima. We’ve been covered by KAPP-TV and KIMA-TV will run tonight (July 31) and tomorrow in a two-part report. A Yakima-Herald article is coming soon too. And with Tyson McGuffin being on The Today Show this week it has been awesome for promoting pickleball. Thanks to all members of the Yakima Pickleball Club, we would not be here without a robust club that not only plays hard but works hard too. We are up to 70 members!

First week in the books

We just completed our first week and are very pleased with the turn out. We have 58 club members now and had 33 others join in play as guests. We would like to see the evening sessions grow and that means getting the word out. Ask someone to come play!

Next Monday at 6pm we will have a beginners clinic for first time players. We will have volunteers who will lead you in technique and rules. Just bring your shows and water. We’ll have paddles and balls and a desire to see you have fun. (Note: this was scheduled for Monday morning but we needed to move it to the evening)

Going green

We had a great group of volunteers on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Without your help we would not be where we are. The four west courts are now ready to lines and fences and the east courts and center walkway are ready for final paint. Lines, fences, nets and then we play.

Progress in the park

Every day this week we have been blessed with a great crew of volunteers and cool weather and this is resulting in some great progress. Today we completed setting all of the 16 net posts to go along with the 80 fence posts. Thursday we will top off the holes with concrete and finish the surface to be ready for paint.

We have sleeves for the net posts, all set into an 18″ diameter hole, 30″ deep. Each hole took 4 60lb bags of concrete to set the sleeve. It will take another 4 bags to top off the hole. That’s almost 500 lbs of concrete on each post!

Mike’s creative jig made this task much easier