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Progress in the park

Every day this week we have been blessed with a great crew of volunteers and cool weather and this is resulting in some great progress. Today we completed setting all of the 16 net posts to go along with the 80 fence posts. Thursday we will top off the holes with concrete and finish the surface to be ready for paint.

We have sleeves for the net posts, all set into an 18″ diameter hole, 30″ deep. Each hole took 4 60lb bags of concrete to set the sleeve. It will take another 4 bags to top off the hole. That’s almost 500 lbs of concrete on each post!

Mike’s creative jig made this task much easier

We can’t wait for Pickleball in the Park

Very soon we can look forward to having some great times, making new friends and playing to win in our own 1st class pickleball facility. But we need your help!

To be 1st class will take some cash. It’s the players responsibility, not the city or some other people. We need all players to step up, even a few bucks helps and shows the City of Yakima that we love pickleball.

Read about the Franklin Park project from the menu above and please send a check TODAY. It’s crunch time folks. We’ve had some generous donations but it’s the small gifts in large numbers that we really need now.

We plan to have organized play time by the Yakima Pickleball Club several times each week. A mid-week morning time for us retired folks and some after work sessions for our younger enthusiasts.

Ready for construction

The city parks department will begin the demolition of the tennis courts next week (June 3) to prepare the surface for the new pickleball courts. At the latest meeting it was decided that the old tennis nets will be removed so that the courts can be properly resurfaced and the overall appearance enhanced. The Yakima Pickleball Club has agreed to provide the new fencing and will install this with volunteer labor. This is made possible with some very generous donations taking care of the nets and posts. YPC extended itself again to be able to provide the fencing so please continue to keep donating as you can. We are hoping to be able to provide fencing between the courts too, but we need your support. Let’s play!

We are official

After going doing some wrong rabbit holes we are now registered with the Washington Secretary of State as the Yakima Pickleball Club. We still have some other organizational tasks such as getting a bank account and setting up our club software which will be with a company call MemberPlanet.

Once this is setup we will ask you to officially join us so that we can properly partner with Yakima Parks and Recreation on facilities and programming.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us on the journey to promote Pickleball in Yakima. Our first order of business is the establishment of a formal 501(c)7 corporation with the State of Washington.  This is a not-for-profit club but not a charity 501(c)3 entity. We will have a board of directors and will report to all members quarterly.  

We hope you will choose to join the club and come have fun together.



Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton