Club nominations and elections 2023

It is time to beginning the scheduled replacement of Board Members. The founding members have now served for four years and are ready to look for new leadership. Responsibilities include at least four board meetings per year and organizing play and events. We meet with the city twice per year or more if needed to discuss court improvements, event planning and new court possibilities as the sport grows.

There are some legal requirements to perform each year but very minor and an operating procedure manual is being prepared. Insurance will be provided for the board.

This year we should replace three members of the board for 2023

Bob Guchee will stay on for transition as outgoing president for one year

James Martinez will continue on the board

Kelle Guchee, Sheon Quaempts and Phill Fossum will be leaving the board.

We are seeking three people willing to serve on the board for a two-year term. Nominations are now open by contacting Bob Guchee or James Martinez.

Current nominations are:

Dana Davis

Susie Bennett

Please let a board member know if you are willing to serve. We still would like one more

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