Looking for a new YPC shirt?

We thought it might be fun to have some YPC T-shirts made! 

We just went live with a website to order YPC t-shirts as a trial run!

The site will only be live for 2 weeks during this time!

All sizing and material content is listed on the site and you can contact Pickleball Planet with any ordering questions. There are no samples available to touch and see until we get this first run ordered. I did see the Pickleball Planet inventory at a recent tourney and their  fabric is a wicking poly for the most part like most shirts you get at a tourney , not cotton.  If it is a blend it will be stated as such on the site.  

The beauty of this is you order right online whatever you want and Pickleball Planet answers all questions about product. 

The limited colors chosen to start are his most popular selling plus the ever popular purple.  If we get enough orders during this 2 week trial the owner will add more colors for us 🌈 😎

During this 2 WEEK ONLY trial run, in my absence, orders will be sent in bulk to another YPC board member, Joe Tanasse (his lovely wife Carol has just a little experience in T Shirt inventory working with the Greenway!) Carol is just the product delivery person, so again, please direct all product questions online to Pickleball Planet, they are great peeps!

Grab a shirt while the grabbing is good and show your support to YPC!   

Kelle (YPC Board Member)

Here is the link:

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